Scott Jarred, CFP®


“Success starts with a why, without a why you don’t have anything to fight for! “

Meet Scott Jarred, CFP®

“At JarredBunch, our mission is simple – we educate, guide and counsel people toward reaching their full financial potential. My unique specialties lie in helping high net worth individuals utilize our Private Client platform to protect and preserve their wealth. This has positioned me as my clients’ most trusted advisor, advocate, teacher and partner. I fill the role of their personal CFO, giving them one point of coordination for their entire financial life, and a team that monitors their financial health daily.

When I left corporate America to start my career more than 13 years ago, I made myself one promise – I would build a company committed to making money work for people. I quickly learned the industry has their own agenda. I learned advisors are more focused on pushing products, rather than taking the time to evaluate the long-term impact on the person’s life. I quickly learned that in order to truly make a difference, we had to be an industry transformer, to flip the traditional hierarchy on its head. Thus, JarredBunch was born.

But it wasn’t always that simple. Growing up and even as a young adult, I was living in a scarcity mindset. I’ve experienced the constant grind and struggle of chasing the dollar, never feeling like you have enough. So before I could make a difference in people’s lives, I had to change the way the traditional industry taught me to think about money – the way they teach all of us to think. I had to break through the ceiling of my mind’s limitations and view my life through the lens of abundance. I went to self-improvement and business coaching seminars, read every book I could get my hands on and learned how the wealthy think about and make money.

Having an abundance mindset is asking how you can accomplish anything you want by putting your resources to work for you. Successful people aren’t defined by their environment- they make their environment a product of their influence. This is at the heart of what we do for our clients. First, we make money work for people, ensuring that your resources are working toward accomplishing your state objectives. The My CFO Series helps you create a financial environment that furthers your most important goals and aligns your actions with your values. It’s an environment that gives you the necessary tools and resources to make smarter financial decisions so you can live the life you want.

We’ve broken through the limitations of “financial planning” and instead focus on financial positioning. By keeping our clients optimally balanced- tweaking their risk exposure based on changing information- we keep them in a position where they can successfully react when “life” happens. (Which it will.)

As an independent firm, I created an environment outside of Wall Street conformity. You won’t find any stuffy board rooms or fancy suits when you meet us. Instead, you’ll find a team of people who roll up their sleeves and go to work for you every day. You’ll find a team whose passions are making money work for people and empowering people to make smarter financial decisions.

Welcome to the smarter, faster, non-conforming, personal wealth building, always got your back, Bunch.”


Scott Jarred is a registered CFP, and the CEO and Founder of Jarred Bunch. He works closely with physicians, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and professional athletes, offering them advice on everything from business planning to matters of personal wealth management and beyond. Scott first created the My CFO Series to give clients a verifiable process for mapping out their goals and executing their strategy. Today, the My CFO Series is a cornerstone of Jarred Bunch’s Private Client platform, giving people a road map for reaching their full financial potential. He has also created an educational curriculum that he teaches to resident doctors, helping them succeed during and after their residency.

Scott currently lives just outside of Indianapolis in the suburb of Carmel, with his wife, Laura, and their three children, Sydney, Chase and Allie. In his spare time, Scott is an avid CrossFit enthusiast, loves to vacation with his family, coaches his son’s football and basketball team, cheers on his oldest daughter, Sydney, at her gymnastics meets every weekend, and is enjoying every minute of watching Allie grow into her own little person with a firecracker personality.

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