John Long


“All of our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them”

Meet John Long

John Long is a seasoned professional and veteran financial services advisor. John’s unique and time-tested planning and consultation methods are designed to remove the negative impacts of financial decisions in client lives and to replace them with help, education and plans that enhance understanding and foster financial confidence. In this way, wealth accumulation becomes the by-product of putting happiness and overall well-being first. For each and every client.

As former Senior Vice President of EPIC Wealth Management, LLC, he developed an extensive track record of financial success with business and individuals. His commitment goes beyond building wealth potential. John digs into the unique client needs which far too many advisors miss. From young families to high net worth individuals and corporate clients in every industry, John serves a diverse client roster. He is dedicated to bringing them a holistic approach that simplifies complex financial matters, prioritizes macroeconomic planning, and builds relationships with honesty and trust.

John transitioned into the Financial planning industry in 2003 and spent 7 years at AXA Advisors learning investments and assets under management. He was Vice President for two of those years. He then spent 5 years at Penn Mutual with 3 years as Vice President. He eventually shifting into a Advisor Planner and Trainer in 2014. John hired, trained, and developed many top producing financial advisors over the last 8 years.

John’s experience has earned him multiple accolades and recognition, including being recognized by MDRT for 9 consecutive years.

John graduated from Rider University in 1995 with a degree in Accounting and Marketing and currently resides in Lincroft, NJ with his 2 dogs.


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