Jeff Merkow


“My relationship is with you, not your money.”

Meet Jeff Merkow

Mission: to provide outstanding practices and services to maximize my value to my clients and exceed their expectations.

Jeff has over 30 years of experience in financial services, from the crash in 1987, through the tech bubble, 9/11, the flash crash and the financial meltdown in 2008. He brings experience, skills and knowledge of finance and investment concepts acquired through turbulent markets and years of technological and regulatory changes in order to provide clients with a platform of investment opportunities that can withstand the storms that blow through the markets.

Jeff helps others “discover their why for money” to ensure that investments are in line with objectives.  Together, take a holistic approach to financial wellbeing to reach your full financial potential: to live the life you want.  As your personal CFO, Jeff’s job is to educate, guide and counsel you through a financially healthy life.

Jeff’s strengths include strategic investment analysis and a skill set centered on asset allocation and risk management.  He understands a wide array of investment vehicles, complex financial situations and strategies.  He can identify economic trends and pick the right investment vehicle for each client; taking macro-economic analysis and bringing that down to the micro economic level for clients, presenting how it fits into their objectives in an actionable format.  His commitment to ongoing client service and satisfaction has allowed Jeff to capture accounts that grow into strong, sustainable, professional relationships.  Jeff boasts zero customer complaints and has a spotless compliance record.

Jeff holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Southern Methodist University, an MBA from Rollins College and a Certificate of Completion from the New York Institute of Finance in Risk Management using Derivatives.  He grew up in St. Petersburg and have deep roots in the community and loves being outside.  Growing up, his father owned a sporting goods store among several businesses and had a unique opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in sports participation, camping, fishing, boating and more.