Brad Stevens


“On your last day, the person you became will meet the person you could’ve become. Live the life YOU want.”

Meet Brad Stevens

“When I first started my career, I quickly realized the limitations that the “traditional” industry places on you. Especially when it comes to what you’re able to offer your clients. As an advisor, people are trusting you with one of – if not THE – most important part of their life, their financial success. They’re trusting you to help them make the right decisions, and to give them the best solutions possible, regardless of the agendas of the large institutions.

That was what I struggled to find, until I found the JarredBunch team. Now, I finally have a solution that allows me to be a true advocate for my clients. To offer them a broad range of comprehensive, value-based solutions based on their unique goals. That’s my purpose when I have the opportunity of working with someone – to add as much value as possible to their life, help them define what it is they want from life, protect them against risks that can destroy it, and then give them the tools and guidance to succeed. This is your financial life, no one else’s. I’m simply here to help educate, guide and counsel you.”

A graduate of DePaul University with a degree in Finance, Brad began his career in his hometown of Chicago at the Chicago Board of Trade. He then joined the JarredBunch advising team in 2014. An active member of the philanthropic community, Brad serves on several charity boards and volunteers in a handful of events, including the Charity Polo Classic, Wine Women and Shoes, Bowling for Dreams and Beers and Bow Ties. He currently lives in Tampa, and in his spare time enjoys traveling to gain new experiences, reading, and spending time with like-minded, growth focused individuals working to create bigger opportunities for everyone.

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