Risk-adjusted portfolios, tailored for you.

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What everybody has said is good for you may actually be causing you harm by limiting your financial potential. There are four main challenges of building wealth. And in truth, traditional thinking repeatedly falls short in overcoming these challenges – the things that can prevent you from living the life you want. Your life will also change. That’s about the only guarantee you have. Your ability to effectively react to change is a key determinant in your success. The static, traditional approach does little to address a dynamic, ever-changing life.

The My CFO Series® is at the heart of our Private Client platform. It not only overcomes the four challenges of wealth building, but gives you a financial model that adapts as your life changes and monitors your financial health daily. It gives you the ability to take a comprehensive approach to your financial life. For the first time, this is about you. It’s about putting you in a position of power and control over your money.


The Vision Game Plan

Identify your present financial position, lifestyle objectives and how to properly set and achieve goals.

Identify your most important lifestyle objectives.

Gather all financial data, statements, personal information.

Develop your personal financial wish list.

Discover your true purpose for money.


Risk Exposure and Gap Analysis

Test the health of your current financial position – evaluate your economic exposure, tax liability and market risk. Simultaneously evaluate opportunities for cost recapture strategies.

Create a current position snapshot.

Produce your financial score card.

Stress-test current strategies against new solutions.

Recover lost money and put it back to work.


The Efficient Capital Management Matrix

Set up your financial model, identify key implementation strategies, and employ your personal CFO to educate, guide and counsel you toward reaching your full financial potential.

Real-time view of your entire financial life.

Establish key objectives for your financial model – Protection, Assets, Liabilities, Cash Flow.

Holistic tax and estate planning.

Strategies measured against their ability to meet stated objectives.


Action Accelerator

Tools and services are implemented to help you maintain financial balance, track your progress, achieve your goals, and effectively react to life’s changes.

Comprehensive family office strategy.

Real-time view of your current financial position.

Daily monitoring of your financial health.

Regular stress testing and review.

What Do You Get?

Through our Private Client platform, you’ll receive the following plus much more:

Smarter, faster, whole-life personal wealth building

What’s your full financial potential?

Find out and try a comprehensive approach to your finances.