Following The Stock Market Is Bad For Your Returns

The irony of equity investing is this: if you knew nothing about the stock market and did not follow any financial news, you have probably made a very handsome return on your investment, but if you tried to be a little bit smarter and read any commentary from experienced managers, you probably performed poorly.

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Cybersecurity Tips from the IRS

Cyber Monday 2017 is one for the history books. Digital transactions on Monday reached a record $6.59 billion. That is a 16.8% increase from a year ago, and makes Monday the largest online shopping day in U.S. history.

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Nobel-Prize Winning Formula: 4 Ways To Boost Savings

This month in Stockholm, Professor Richard Thaler won the Nobel Economics Prize for his pioneering work to bridge the gap between economics and psychology. John Wasik, in a Forbes article, gives us a glimpse at his findings, and insight into how they can help us in our pursuit of financially living the life we want.

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